Benefits to Hire Through a Staffing Agency

  1. Flexibility and Convenience. Whether you are looking to hire an employee permanently or just for a day, staffing agencies can help you find that right candidate. You get to test out your employees before committing and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of hiring and firing. Staffing agencies also help your business respond to cyclical or seasonal demands.
  2. Expertise. Agencies have skilled Staffing Specialists that are experts at screening candidates and matching them to jobs. They conduct many interviews a day and get a great feel for which candidates would be best fit for each specific job!
  3. Savings. By going through a staffing agency you can save your resources for other important things! Your overhead, payroll taxes, benefits, advertising, recruiting and training costs are all covered.
  4. Fast Response Time. The size and scope of their candidate pool means they can get back to you quickly with strong candidates. No need to wait for the right person to come across your job advertisement when staffing agencies have a number of people already waiting!
  5. Screening. Skills, criminal and reference checks are all conducted by the agency. You can be sure you know exactly who you are hiring and don’t need to worry about the trouble of doing research on each candidate yourself.

As you can see, hiring though a staffing agency has many benefits. If possible, try and find a locally owned and operated Staffing Agency in the area. They have a strong commitment to the communities they serve!