Is Temp Work For You?

What should you do when you’re out of work and need money ASAP? The typical solution would be to apply online all day, waiting and hoping for a company to call you back. You’re not getting any calls and it’s starting to stress you out.

This is the perfect opportunity to give Temp work a try!

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing a temporary job (other than getting that paycheck!) is that it keeps your skills sharp while you continue to job search—and in some instances it leads to a Temp-to-Hire! As a Temp you may also be helping the company while someone is out with an illness, maternity leave or on vacation.

During this time you’re being evaluated for your communication, initiative, multi-tasking skills, attendance, and overall performance. Being able to close the work gap with Temp work makes it easier to sell yourself to a client down the road!

Temporary positions give you the opportunity to try out a position without a long-term career commitment. Always remember it’s a great thing to stay in contact with your recruiter if your assignment has ended. Communication is key while working on temp projects.

A few negative aspects that come along with Temporary work include the lack of benefits (although check with your Staffing Agency first, many offer benefits after a certain period of time). Another negative is the obvious factor that the job security is not there for Temp workers.

Then again if your performance is outstanding you may be offered something permanent!

Are you wondering how to get hooked up with a Temp job?

Apply at an Agency, like ERC, in your area whose Mission Statement resonates with your values. Agencies are here to help you achieve your goals!

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