Job Search Goals before Your Next Career Move

Are you ready to make that next career move? Consider working towards these four search goals during this exciting transition!

1. Update Resume. The best thing to do is keep updating your resume so it’s always ready to go. You don’t want to be prevented from applying to a position that interests you because your resume isn’t ready. Often times, it’s too late once you’ve finally got everything together.
2. Look for a job that you’re excited about. Everyone has their own preferences… a bigger paycheck, a brand name firm, a fancy title, working remotely, shorter commute or potential to advance in the company quickly. Use your time wisely and apply at jobs that will make you happy.
3. Build up your skill set. One great way to do this is to earn a new skill or a certification. Pursuing professional development shows initiative and commitment to learning. Certain in-demand skills and credentials can also help you negotiate a higher salary.
4. Both online and offline-expand your professional network. First, audit your online presence. Make sure you have a LinkedIn profile that is up-to-date. Be sure all of your social media or online forums have been reviewed, you may edit your privacy settings to prevent sensitive items from becoming public. Expand your professional network offline as well. This includes events, conferences, trade shows and more! Meet hiring managers, recruiters and anyone who can assist you in your job search. First impressions are huge so always put your best self forward!

Stay patient and positive and keep pursuing the job search! Once you have these four job search goals in line you’re set up for success!