New Year – New Change!

2017! With a new year comes new opportunities and new change!

Get prepared now for that job you have been waiting for.

Here’s how:

Update your resume: It can be a hectic time starting up the New Year, take time now to create a perfect resume and various versions if you are applying for different types of roles! Now is a great time to ensure your resume is error free and reflects the type of job you are going for. If you have extra time, we recommend creating a personal LinkedIn as well – there’s no better way to show your relevant work and personality!

Reach out to ERC: Set up phone/in person meetings with our Staffing Specialists. Even if there aren’t any current relevant openings, make the connection now and follow up appropriately (once a week) so that when that perfect opening comes up you have already laid the groundwork.

Alert your references that you are actively searching: Hiring processes can move fast at the start of the New Year. Having positive references ready to be contacted is crucial in the job search process. Make sure your references are aware and ask for permission if they can be contacted.

Get interview ready outfits: Always be prepared and make sure to have interview appropriate clothes in your wardrobe. While there are a ton of casual office environments out there, you always want to dress a step above that and look polished and pulled together. You never know when you will land that interview, so be ready!

Be prepared and you will feel great going into 2017! Get after that job you’ve always wanted!