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How to Work with Employment Resource Center 

1. How do I apply to join ERC Staffing?
There are two steps to applying: the application and the interview. You can complete an application online or come into our office to fill out an application. No matter what application method you use, we still need to meet you for an in-person interview at one of our offices.

2. When do you interview?
We interview every week, please call to schedule an interview here with us.

3. What kind of interview is it?
Our interviews are real job interviews. It is important you dress for the job since you'll want to impress us with your professionalism!

4. Do I need to bring a resume?
Please bring a fresh resume. Even if you’re already in our system, if it’s been a year or two since you signed up with us, please bring or send us a current resume so we can make the best possible matches between your skills and experience and what our clients are looking for.

5. If I apply online, can I send you my resume via email?
Yes, you can. We prefer resumes in Microsoft Word format or similar word processor. Please attach your resume to an email and send here:

6. Do I have to interview even if I’m not applying for a specific job?
Yes. We interview everyone who applies to be part of the ERC team of associates. This way, if a client has a future job opening that’s a great fit for you, we can recommend you to them immediately!

7. I’ve applied, but I wasn’t matched with a job. Do I need to keep applying for jobs when I see one I like on your site?
No. Once you’re in our database, you’re included in all our searches for candidates that match the jobs our clients want filled. So you don’t have to apply, call or email when you see a job on our site you think you might be a good match.

However, you do need to call us every 7 to 10 days to let us know you’re available for work. Call the office and be sure to leave your current phone number so we can reach you when a good match comes along.

8. Can I bring my friends/parents/kids/pets along when I apply?
Sorry, but no. Space and chairs are at a premium in our waiting rooms, so we request that only people who are applying to join ERC be in our waiting rooms. However, if you’d like to refer someone to us, and that person wants to apply as well, then of course they can join you!

9. What job openings do you have right now?
Our available positions are listed both on our Current Job Listings  and Facebook page, and you can apply online as well.

10. Can I get health insurance as a temporary worker?
Yes! We offer health coverage through Essential StaffCARE. If we offer you an assignment, you’ll receive information and a sign-up form for health insurance; you’ll have 30 days to make your choice and accept coverage if you wish.